Reserol Skin Serum

In February 2017 our second product was launched in our high-end beauty brand: Reserol Skin Serum.
The serum contains three active ingredients that together build, repair and balance the skin.

A Serum with an Effect

Reserol Skin Serum is Skin Care in its most concentrated form. The serum comes in an ampoule and can be used as a cure or treatment to reduce redness of skin and enhancing natural glow. Furthermore, the skin's elasticity increases and by obstructing melanin to be produced in the skin cells, your skin will become more even.

The serum protects the lipid balance of the skin barrier, thus maintaining the skin's natural moisture level. Reserol Skin Serum helps the skin to build its own anti-aging defense system through the influence of Sirt-1.


Resistem® is a stem cell culture with amazing characteristics. Resistem is extracted from the thistle Globularia Cordifolia, which grows in the Alps. This ingredient stimulates the skin's own defense, restores important skin functions and promotes cell life by activating Sirt-1 and preserving the skin's own stem cells. It emphasizes the skin's natural desires by removing damaged proteins and other accumulated residues.

MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) is a vitamin C derivative that is unique, as it has strong collagen boosting effect while it is gentle for the skin. Concentrated vitamin C has an exfoliating effect and can therefore be tougher against sensitive skin.

Vitamin E protects the cell membrane from oxidative stress. Vitamin E together with MAP is an alternative sun protection and it increases the effect of normal sun protection. It also has a repair effect on sun damage.

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