Magnus Nilsson Vall

Magnus comes from a background as a Business Unit Manager for Self-Medication at Galderma. Magnus has 15 successful years from the pharmaceutical industry behind him, with particular focus on consumers and self-care.

+46(0) 735 186 067

Mikael Lindblad

Mikael comes from a background as the Global Head of Digital at Omega Pharma. A pioneer within digital marketing within pharmaceutical and self-care industry for 15 years.

+46(0) 760 012 906

Almbo Massfan

Almbo is the Production Engineer at Prinsen Production unit. Almbo has a degree as a Laboratory Technician from Medico Bio Medical College in Ethopia as well as a BCS from Jema University in Ethiopia.

Tatiana Samofalova

Tatiana is the Production Technician at Prinsen Production unit. Tatiana has a background as a Grain Engineer and has worked for 30 years as a Quality Engineer and Inspector in the Grain Industry.

Natasha Pesic

Natasha is the Production Manager at Prinsen. Natasha graduated from the University of Skopje in Macedonia with a degree in Food Technology.

+46(0) 704 197 787

Scott Boyer

Scott Boyer is the founder and scientific adviser at Nutrinovate. Scott is CEO of Klaria and has a background in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Recently, Scott came from a role as Chief Scientist and Global Head of Molecular Toxicology at AstraZeneca.