Reserol Resveratrol Boosting films

Resveratrol is well-known as an active substance within the world of beauty. Reserol – the world’s first Resveratrol film. So what are you waiting for?

In April 2016, Reserol Beauty was launched. A high-end dietary supplement containing the bioactive substance Resveratrol. A well-studied substance with over 9000 studies on PubMed and has long been known as nature's own anti-aging molecule. The challenge has long been that the uptake via the stomach is only 1%, unfortunately leading to large doses and difficult controlled administration. The solution is the unique technology, FFTTM which enables absorption of active compounds via the oral lining and facilitates a fast uptake and distribution to the tissues. This technology shows a number of advantages, such as direct distribution to bloodstream, faster uptake and easy administration. 

Reserol shows exactly what Nutrinovate is about; A well-proven substance meets an innovative form of administration.

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